Addictions Counselling / Crisis Support

Alberta Health Services - Addiction Services (FKA-AADAC)

Addiction Helpline (24/7)                         1-866-332-2322

Adult Counselling                                   780-427-2736

Enhanced Service for Women                 780-427-2736

Family Violence                                     780-427-2736

Opioid (Opiate) Dependency Program      780-422-7383

Crisis Support Centre, The Support Network

Distress Line (24/7)                                780-482-4357

Kids Help Phone (24/7, 5-20 yrs)           1-800-668-6868

Poundmaker's Lodge Treatment Centre    780-458-1884

Detoxification programs

Alberta Health Services - Addiction Services (FKA:AADAC)

Addictions Recovery Centre (ARC)          780-427-4291

Youth Detox                                          780-644-3627

George Spady Centre Society               780-424-8385

adult residential programs

Alberta Health Services - Adult Residential 

Henwood                                                   780-422-4466

men/women; alcohol, drugs, gambling

Catholic Social Services - Alpha House    780-473-5957

men/women; recovery; 18+

Hope Mission                                           780-422-2018

Breakout Recovery Community (men; 18-60yrs; homeless)

Wellspring Recovery Community (women; 18yrs+)

Jellinek Society's Recovery House              780-488-1160

men in recovery from cross-addiction and alcoholism, 18yrs+

More information to come...